1. Our well-being often relies on ecology.
  2. In spring, our body lacks essential vitamins and minerals necessary for our well-being.
  3. Change your lifestyle, or you’ll destroy your health in several years!
  4. He is very active: he commutes to work by bicycle and always takes the stairs instead of the lift.
  5. If you overeat, you’ll gain weight.

Words: well-being, lacks, destroy, lifestyle, overeat

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  1. well-being: состояние благополучия, хорошего самочувствия
    lacks: не хватает, отсутствует
    destroy: разрушать, уничтожать
    lifestyle: образ жизни
    overeat: переедать, есть сверх меры

    1. Нет, тебя не примут обратно, если ты нарушил правила и разрушил их доверие, несмотря на то, что тебе сейчас тяжело и ты чувствуешь отсутствие благополучия. Измени свой образ жизни, чтобы избежать переедания.

  2. Well-being refers to our overall state of health and happiness. It is often influenced by various factors, including ecology, which refers to the environment and its impact on living organisms. The sentence suggests that our well-being relies on ecology.

    The statement also mentions that in spring, our body lacks essential vitamins and minerals. «Lacks» means that there is a deficiency or shortage of these nutrients, which can negatively affect our well-being.

    The sentence emphasizes the importance of changing one’s lifestyle to maintain good health. It warns that failure to do so may result in the destruction of one’s health in the future.

    The example given about a person who commutes by bicycle and takes the stairs instead of the lift illustrates an active lifestyle, which can contribute to one’s well-being.

    The sentence «If you overeat, you’ll gain weight» highlights the relationship between eating excessively and weight gain, which can have implications for one’s well-being.

    In summary, the words mentioned in the sentences are used to discuss the connection between ecology, well-being, lifestyle choices, and their impact on health.

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