Complete the gaps in the text by filling in the missing words.

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  1. Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a (1) majestic dragon named Draco. Draco was known for his (2) shimmering scales, which sparkled like precious gems in the sunlight. He had the ability to (3) breathe fire and fly high in the sky, making him a truly (4) magnificent creature.

    One day, a brave (5) knight named Sir William set out on a quest to (6) rescue the princess who was held captive by an evil sorcerer. As Sir William ventured through the enchanted forest, he stumbled upon Draco, who was resting near a (7) glistening lake.

    Sir William approached Draco cautiously, hoping that the dragon could (8) assist him on his noble quest. To his surprise, Draco was not the fierce creature he had imagined. Instead, Draco had a (9) gentle and kind-hearted demeanor, eager to help those in need.

    With Draco by his side, Sir William felt (10) invincible as they journeyed together towards the sorcerer’s dark castle. The knight and the dragon faced numerous challenges, but with their combined strength and (11) unwavering determination, they overcame every obstacle in their path.

    Finally, they reached the castle’s towering walls, guarded by (12) ferocious beasts. Draco unleashed his fiery breath, engulfing the creatures in flames, allowing Sir William to (13) triumphantly enter the castle and rescue the princess.

    As they returned to the kingdom, Sir William and Draco were hailed as heroes, their tale (14) forever etched in the annals of history. They formed an (15) unbreakable bond, proving that even the most unlikely friendships can lead to great adventures.

    And so, the story of Sir William and Draco, the valiant knight and the noble dragon, (16) lives on, inspiring generations with its message of courage, friendship, and the power of believing in the extraordinary.

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